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Summer is coming, want to make a UV detector to know the UV index when you are under the sun?
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Summer is coming, want to make a UV detector to know the UV index when you are under the sun? Grove - Sunlight Sensor is recommend here.

Grove - Sunlight Sensor is a multi-channel digital light sensor, which has the ability to detect UV-light, visible light and infrared light.

This device is based on SI1145, a new sensor from SiLabs. The Si1145 is a low-power, reflectance-based, infrared proximity, UV index and ambient light sensor with I2C digital interface and programmable-event interrupt output. This device offers excellent performance under a wide dynamic range and a variety of light sources including direct sunlight.

Grove - Sunlight Sensor include an on-bard Grove connector, which help you to connect it your Arduino easily. You can use this device for making some project which need to detect the light, such as a simple UV detector.


  • Digital light sensor
  • Wide spectrum detection range
  • Programmable configuration
  • 3.3/5V Supply
  • Detect sunlight directly
  • Grove compatible
  • I2C Interface(7-bit)


  • Operating Voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Working current: 3.5mA
  • Wave length: 280-950nm
  • Operating Temperature: -45-85oC

Technical Details
Dimensions 140mm x 85mm x 11mm
Weight G.W 6g
Battery Exclude


Lumen (unit)
Schematic in PDF
Schematic in Eagle File
Si1145 datasheet
Ultraviolet index
Github Repositoriy for Grove - Sunlight Sensor

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