Zumo Chassis Kit (sans moteur)

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The Pololu Zumo chassis is a small, tracked robot platform that is less than 10 cm on each side, allowing it to qualify for Mini Sumo competitions. The main body is composed of black ABS and features a compartment for four AA batteries and sockets for two micro metal gearmotors. It ships as a kit with two silicone tracks, two drive and two idler sprockets, a 1/16″ acrylic mounting plate, and mounting hardware. (Motors and batteries are not included.)

Size: 98 × 86 × 39 mm
Weight: 7.5 oz1 (0.20 Kg)

Notes: 1With motors and batteries; weighs 3.0 oz as shipped, without motors or batteries.

Documentation and other information
Pololu Zumo Chassis User’s Guide (Printable PDF) User’s guide for the Pololu Zumo chassis.

File downloads
Zumo chassis acrylic mounting plate design file (10k dxf)
3D model of the assembled Zumo Chassis Kit (19MB step)3D model of the assembled Zumo Chassis Kit (19MB step) Note: this model includes micro metal gearmotors that are sold separately from the Zumo Chassis Kit.

Recommended links
PiBot-B: mobile robot with a Raspberry Pi This robot uses a Raspberry Pi and Zumo Chassis Kit and can be remotely controlled over WiFi from an iPhone. The page is written in German, but it has a link at the top to translate it into English using Google Translate. We also wrote about the PiBot-B in our blog.
Zumo robot tuning tips This article was written by Professor Erich Styger for his class on embedded systems programming at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. It describes various ways to tweak the performance of a Zumo to be more competitive in a Mini Sumo competition. Note that his Zumos use a custom PCB rather than our Zumo shield for Arduino; our shield has a lot of capacitance in parallel with the batteries that generally prevents the “battery inertia” problem Erich describes.

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