Moteur pas à pas Sanyo Pancake: bipolaire, 200 étapes / Rev, 42 × 11.6mm, 3.5V, 1A / phase

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This NEMA 17-size pancake bipolar stepping motor from Sanyo has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). It offers a holding torque of 850 g-cm (12 oz-in), and each phase draws 1 A at 3.5 V. This stepper motor’s flat profile (18.6 mm including the shaft) allows it to be used in places where more traditional stepper motors would be too bulky.

Size: 42 mm square × 11.6 mm
(NEMA 17)1
NEMA size: 17
Weight: 70 g
Shaft diameter: 5 mm

General specifications
Current rating: 1000 mA2
Voltage rating: 3.5 V
Holding torque: 11.8 oz·in
Steps per revolution: 200
Resistance: 3.5 Ohm2
Inductance per phase: 1.2 mH
Number of leads: 4
Lead length: 30 cm
Encoders?: N

1 Not including the shaft.
2 Per coil.