Kit adaptateur de tension servo linéaire Pico (5V à 3.6V)

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The 22090 Pico linear servo is a very cool device, but really doesn't like being run over 5V. To ensure that it's kept at this lower voltage level when being used on a 5 or 6V system, we put together this inexpensive voltage-drop adapter board. It's not as good as a dedicated 3.7V regulator, but in our tests, it's worked out just fine!

Kit includes:
1N4007 Rectifier Diodes (used to drop voltage) x 2
Linear Servo Adapter PCB
3 pin JST connector, 1.5mm spacing
Male pin strip, 3 positions (interfaces to female servo cable)
You might want to get an appropriate servo cable, depending on your use!

[Data Sheet]: 22091 Pico Linear Servo VDrop Instructions

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